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More Nontoxic Tips to help you fight off allergy, cold or flu

There many others ways to help reduce allergy, cold or flu, Below is a few tips that help:
  • Use filters like HEPA air filters to help reduce dust mites, pollen, mold, and air borne particles circulating in the air you breath at home. Make sure that the air conditioner or home heater is working properly and change filters at least every 3-6months.
  • The best defense is plenty of fluids to rehydrate the body. 
  •  Grow indoor plants to help purify the air in your home. The plants needs the carbon-dioxide you breathe out to grow and with a little help from the sun and watering by you the plant will provide you oxygen to keep you healthy. Try using humidifiers or opening the window to improve air quality.
  • Our indoor bamboo plant
  • Citrus magic air freshener
  • Aromatherapy works wonders for our mood and health. Scents like chocolate mint are especially important for those who experience blues during the fall season when the days and nights are colder and darker. Use herbal oil or nontoxic scented candles to fragrance home, instead of using aerosol spray that worsen respiratory allergies.
  • Replace toxic home cleaning and personal hygiene product with nontoxic products like seventh generation dish washing liquid.
  • Instead of using fluoride toothpaste, try using fluoride free toothpaste like natures gate's mint or anise tooth paste. Instead of using alcohol based mouth wash that can cause irritation of the gum and sore throat; try using diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide to gaggle but do not swallow.
  •  Practice Proper and regular hand washing; keeping your hands away from our face (eye, nose and mouth) can dramatically reduce the spread of infections.
  • Use hypoallergenic covers on all pillows and mattresses. wash linens and pillows in warm water; dry linen under bright sunlight or by using a clean high heat dryer to help get rid of bugs and bacteria.
  • Bathe after outdoor exposure to help reduce accumulation of bacteria and allergens.
  •  Getting plenty of rest, and reducing stress levels helps.   
  • When you think you might have a cold, wear warm protective clothing s, make fresh ginger, lemon, enchinacea with honey in a warm water to make a tea. Try drinking ginger tea, rosehip tea or a shot of goldenseal tincture, elderberry, yarrow, licorice, yerba mansa root tea, dried nettle tea. 
  • Ginger helps stimulates circulation in the body. A study published in the journal Arthritis compared the effectiveness of ginger to that of cortisone and ibuprofen when used in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. This particular study found that an extract of ginger was as effective an anti-inflammatory agent as cortisone, and the ibuprofen had no effect on cytokine production, one of the factors that causes pain. Cortisone has a long list of possible side effects, including weight gain, depression, severe headaches, chest pains, and sleeping issues. Ginger, on the other hand, has very few side effects, although it should be avoided before surgery, menstrual cycle and by those with peptic ulcers, due to its blood-thinning quality. Some studies have found ginger to be a highly effective in treating upset stomach, nausea, swelling, joint stiffness, pain caused by inflammation.
  • Rosemary and sage leaf chewed raw can help relieve nausea, as well as help clear the cloudy mind.
  • Osha root is an excellent herb for treating painful sore throat.
  • Wild cherry infusion or tincture of 2ml doses is a good cough suppressant; useful for dry, irritant or nervous coughs. But wild cherry can cause drowsiness. Avoid wild cherry if you've acute infection.
  • You can use an infusion or tincture of Hyssop, or mix 5ml essential oil in 20ml carrier oil for a chest rub.  Hyssop is warming, expectorant, antispasmodic; useful for thin, watery phelgm and coughs associated with bronchitis.
  • Mullein tincture or infusion is good for catarrh. Mullein is cooling, astringent and soothing for think or hot nasal congestion, commonly known as catarrh.
  • If you feel your nose or nasal passage is congested try to take a warm steam bath or shower.
  • Use netti-pot to wash your nostrils using saline solution with a couple drops of goldenseal glycerite mix.

Try doing a herbal steam by adding a few drops, may be 10 or more drops of eucalyptus---(antiseptic, antispasmodic, expectorant), lavender, lemon or tea tree oil into a bowl of real steamed warm water. Place your face above the steaming vapor rising from the warm water with a towel over your head to create a tent. Inhale the steam, do not let face touch water to avoid been burned, and as you inhale, blow into the water to increase steam. If it's making your face burn, the water is too hot, let air into the tent till it's comfortable for you.

When traveling during cold season, take paper napkins, bottle of enchinacea water, a tiny 10ml bottle of goldenseal tincture, mint extract, natural hand wipe, some essential oils like lemon oil, lavender, eucalyptus, sage with you to help you sanitize or keep cold away.

Hint: Virus is a hijacker, it can invade the body's own natural system and replicate by binding to a mucous membrane, found mostly in the nose, mouth, throat, lungs. The virus will behave like a natural body function by sending message to cells to transport the virus to its interior and here it will disintegrate and produce more viral RNA (a genetic messenger). These new replicated viral proteins will then move onto the surface of an infected cell, where they can migrate to other cells to replicate more harm.....this is the adaptive nature of a virus.
And antibiotics cannot treat a viral infection, instead it makes the body less able to resist invasive bacterial infection by weakening the body's immune defense or make the virus more aggressive. And yet many conventional doctors still prescribe antibiotics to their cold and flu patient.

 Many but not all cold outbreaks can be prevented, if people would eat right, reduce stress by living well....and wash your hands regularly, you can help reduce the spread of cold viruses. I don't know why pollen and dust allergens cause the eye and face to swell or turn red but boosting your immune system with immunomodulating herbs and consulting with a naturopathic doctor will help a great deal before it's late. A well balanced antioxidant rich food can help reduce the occurrence or duration of your symptoms when you encounter a cold or flu virus.

 Onyinye A is a freelance writer who specializes in nontoxic self improvement, green-friendly living, whole health remedies, holistic pet care, nontoxic lifestyle (preventing cancer, illness and toxicity) and everything related to detox, Natural health and organic living
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