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Lets Clean Your Colon and Balance Your Health

A poor nutritional habits—lack of fiber in the diet, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, not drinking enough water, not eating enough vegetables and fruits, prescription medication like antibiotics, eating refined junk food and other things can breed an unhealthy environment in your colon . When your colon is clogged with toxic fecal debris, a build up of debris on the walls of the colon and in the cells of the body begins; over time this fecal matter becomes attached to the colon wall, which then clogs and slows down your regular bowel movement and overall health and energy. This fecal matter on the colon wall continues to build up, until you get a colon cleanse, toxins in the colon will continue to putrefy and slowly feed toxins to your blood system or body--—(this is called Systemic Poisoning). The longer this waste material sits in your colon, the more likely it is that these toxins will be absorbed into your body and 80% of all disease, especially colorectal cancer is related to a toxic colon.

So many people are constantly running to doctors because they are suffering from diseases caused by toxic over load in the body because we lack the knowledge or because we do not disciple ourselves to eat clean, we allow our body and mouth to take in huge amounts of harmful pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, preservatives, mercury from sea food, lead contaminated things,artificial colors and flavors, toxic GMO ingredients, other chemical additives through the products we use and drink on a daily basis--the toxins in the air we breathe, fluoridated and chlorinated water we drink and the food we eat. As a result, our bodies become the store house for toxins that cause
various types of illness ranging from mild headaches to chronic fatigue; And as these toxins remain in your body, you become more susceptible to many more serious health problems like colorectal cancer, fatal allergies, colitis, diarrhea, vision problems, Hay fever, loss of memory, cardiovascular disease, Acid Reflux Disease (GERD) or Heartburn, Indigestion - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Crohn's, Diverticulitis, Stomach Ache, Diarrhea, Irregular bowel movement - Constipation - Hard Stools – Hemorrhoids, Excess Gassing/Flatulence, Bad Breath - Bad Body Odor , Bloating, Enlarged Abdomen - Protruding pot Belly fat, Excess Weight problems caused by stored fat which can cause Obesity, Abdominal Pain - Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBDs), Spastic Colon - Colitis – Ileitis, Skin Conditions - Itchy, flaky skin or scalp Inflamed Skin - Dermatitis - Eczema – Acne – Psoriasis – Skin rashes, Fibromyalgia – Sciatica, Joint Pain - Arthritis - Migraine Headaches, Insomnia - Restless sleep, Low Energy - Loss of Mental Clarity – Forgetfulness, influenza, Depression, Leaky gut syndrome, Frequent infections and sickness (cold & flu), Mega Colon—pot belly, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), and many other diseases that are caused by toxins putrefying the colon walls.

When you have a toxic colon you will experience the following:
  • pains at the abdomen and the end of the anus like you want to go but you can't go for some reason---constipated.
  • Lots of white thick mucus on your tongue when you wake up if you brushed after dinner.
  • Lots of white head in your skin pore.
  • Notice internal or external Inflammation.
  • Skin problems like Acne, blemishes, skin inflammation
  • Foul gas or very stinky breath
  • Bad body-odor.
  • Bloating—thickened skin and protruding belly
  • Feeling tired when you have done nothing, dizzy, headache, sluggish in the mind—Fatigue
  • Heartburn, depression, fatigue, inflammation, constipation from irregular bowel movement, headache, allergies, Constipation, Stomach ache and feeling nausea—uncomfortable
  • You will notice you haven’t had a bowel movement in a day or 2.
When you have a healthy colon you will experience the opposite of the symptoms above.  
  • You will not feel constipated—meaning your bowel movements are effortless - No straining or grunting.
  • You will have daily bowel movements 2 to 3 per day, at least once per day. You go to the bathroom regularly between 16 and 24 hours, your stool is soft and well form, does not contain mucous, blood or partially digested food.
  • Your breath is clean and not smelly.
  • You are not bloated or always feeling fatigued.
  • You will have smooth skin with no inflammation.
Cleansing your colon is one of the most significant steps you can take to improve your overall health.Traditional Chinese medicine and other traditional system of healing, tells us that you build strong blood by maintaining a robust digestive system; so adding a cleanse or bitter tonic to your regimen will enhance how well your body assimilates nutrients from the food you eat.

Here is a list of a few herbs and things i do to cleanse the colon, to reduce constipation.
  • Psyllium husk or seed ------high in soluble fiber; good bulk laxative and cleanser.
  • Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)------removes gas; cleanses toxins; promotes and enhance digestion. If you or your pet dog/cat is constipated, this herb fennel will help provide a relief, only a teaspoon added to meal or drinking water.
  • flax seed is also a bulk laxative; high in essential fatty acids; reduces inflammation and irritation. 
  • Senna herb is also a good colon laxative but i would go light on this one because it can upset your stomach at times if your body isn't used to it or if taken too many times. 
  • Burdock or dandelion stimulates the liver and gall bladder, increasing bile flow; high in inulin; it can help cleanse liver cells as well as provide protection against cancer.
  • Apple or citrus pectin is good for clearing heavy metals and environmental toxins.
  • Magnesium Citrate is a quick fix.
  • For constipation try non gmo almond milk mixed with aloe vera raw gel from the plant itself and drink it.  
  • Eating mildly steamed cabbage in water and a little sunflower oil helps improve metabolism.
  • Eating oatmeal with bannanas and non gmo almond milk helps improve metabolism------to maintain weight, do not add refined sugar when you make your own oatmeal.   
 Toxic colon

Quick fix colon cleanser to shrink a little before your photoshop shot     

 There may be other things that may be useful for cleansing the colon but these herbs help improve the body and your health when used responsibly----meaning sparingly. "Everything in moderation". But so far this is what's been effective for me, and i hope that these herbs will be as effective for you as it has been for me.
It's spring now before summer gets here, lets Clean Your Colon and Balance Your Health.

Onyinye A is a freelance writer who specializes in nontoxic self improvement, green & Eco-friendly living, nontoxic lifestyle (preventing cancer, illness and toxicity) and everything related to organic living. Her work has been published by,, and other online and print publications. 

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Healthy vegetarian meat versus Harmful vegetarian meat. Tofurky is healthy and Boca is not !

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