Monday, October 20, 2014

Delicious healthy salad from NontoxicLifestyle for you

If you ate your vegetables and fruits today, you did well. After i get off from work, when i eat starch or cereal in the morning i feel tired & agitated but when i eat a bowl of salad before sleeping, i feel energized and refreshed the rest of the day. You can try making salad to boost your energy and immune system.

For this Delicious salad, you will need:

  • Raw white and purple cabbage mix, 
  • Lettuce, carrots.
  • Nature's sweet cherubs Cherry tomato.
  • one-half whole Avocado & pure olive oil by Lucini brand to add a homemade creamy moisture to the salad instead of the regular dressings--- to avoid the extra preservatives and junk found in the store made salad dressing.
  • a little pinch of 100% garlic sea salt. (you can make this at home by adding a few cloves of chopped garlic to heated olive oil, add a pinch of sea salt, let it sit over the heat for 1min or less turn off heat, let it cool, then add it to your salad)
  • Italian Herb seasoning Grinder by Mc cormick.
  • 2 Boiled cage free natural brown eggs (without antibiotic or hormones).
  • Instead of croutons--i use Lachoy Chow mein noodles.
  • Top it off with 2 teaspoon full of Bragg's organic Raw unfiltered vinegar--------as an option, you can increase zest by adding a little spritz of lemon juice.
Mix this all together and you've got yourself a healthy salad. You can add cucumbers, green pears or tomato or whatever you like. Try to condition yourself to eat more salad----fatty healthy vegetables & fruits.

Did you know that garlic is one of the most effective herb for the treatment of antibiotic resistant disease; then Aloe vera and grape seed fruit extract been the next effective. You can use garlic either raw or cooked. By adding garlic to your meal or salad today, you have helped your body boost its immune against invasive bacterial and some viral infections like Cryptococcal meningitis, viral encephalitis. Garlic also helps stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce stress, aging and cancerous growth.

Look at my dog trying to eat my delicious salad......OMG, so cute.

Healthy vegetarian meat versus Harmful vegetarian meat. Tofurky is healthy and Boca is not !

Healthy vegetarian meat versus Harmful vegetarian meat. Tofurky is healthy and Boca is not !

Toxic Ingredient video

Toxic Ingredient video
Many things have physical and chemical property. All chemicals aren't toxic but all toxic chemicals should be avoided completely or used safely. Nontoxic based chemicals are better for your health and environment. Click on image to see the video on toxic ingredient and what they can do to your health.