Saturday, September 13, 2014

A little help to you when ever you feel you're under tremendous pressure----don't crack

Aha! here we go again, let the stress begin. When you find your self in a mood or mind state that is irritable. Having a difficult time switching off the mind to relax, if you feel frazzled, try to do  belly breathing, is the easiest way to reduce stress instantly.  Stop whatever you're doing and focus on focus on counting inhale or exhale. Breathe in slowly and count one--then breathe out and count two. Do this a couple of times a day and you will see tension reduced, you will become calm, focused and less reactive to the chaos you see or feel. To sleep better or to ease the day's stress from your mind after work, try doing 15 to 20 minutes breathing in the morning after you wake up and at night before bed time. Dance sometimes and walk it off

Your hormones are like your most unpredictable friend ?
It's really important to understand that your stress levels are affected by your hormones. Especially as you get closer to your menstrual cycle or menopause, cortisol and adrenaline begins to spike up, which usually sets off your mind into fight-or-flight response, depression and increased anxiety levels. If you feel like you're going nuts on a regular day, remind yourself that you're not going crazy, it's a normal change almost every woman may experience at one point in their life.  I seriously would suggest getting your hormones checked for deficiencies. I find that eating salad, drinking lots of tea, soups, Yogi goji berry tea & honey, adding nutritional supplements like B complex vitamins, Healthy organic spirulina, Chaste berry, folic acid etc to balance what's lacking in you, can be really beneficial in regaining over all balance within your mind and body.

Change your diet from high refined carbs to anti-anxiety salad/soups.
 The food you eat daily can make a big difference in the way your body handles stress. Your body is a chemical cocktail filled with cells that is designed to assimilate whatever you feed it. So if you're experiencing anxiety, caffeinated drinks is probably not your friend, i would try dark cocoa, a little organic wine or try chamomile or goji berry yogi tea instead. Fresh fruits and vegetable salad is great for reducing stress because it contains antioxidant in the form of vitamins and minerals that helps reduce stress. Oatmeal is also great if you are stressed and have problems sleeping, eat oatmeal and blue berries because it helps your body rebuild serotonin and release dopamine-- which is a chemical in the body that controls our mood. Eating spinach helps because it contains magnesium which helps regulate cortisol levels in the body, so does vitamin C found in raw oranges. Stress isn't good for your skin or hair, try a some honey to ease your body.

Worrying is toxic for you when you don't know or have the solution to resolve it. Worrying keeps the mind active and sometimes push you too far off the edge. Something, your grave yard companies don't put into consideration when you're not behaving normal is that, not sleeping well enough everyday especially at night can make you feel really awful physically and mentally  for the rest of the week. So i would suggest you
exercise in the day and sleep more at night; always remember---Your Health is most important than a job because if you become sick or injured you can hardly keep a job. So do get more rest....invest in having balanced mind and body by eating well and sleeping well.

Keep a journal: like a stress ledger or to do log.
Grab a pen and paper, draw a line in-between it and put down all you worrying about like your dad's or mum's health, your siblings well being, your uncle or aunt you long to see, your car oil or engine that needs a checked, your dogs in-activeness and sneezing that is troubling you, not having enough time with your man or wife, bills that needs to be paid, making more money for the babies and on the other side of the paper put what you love doing and you're thankful for, for example, having a good job, having great healthy body & mind, having loved one's and pet to be with, anything that makes you feel alive--passionate, calm--at ease and more. Now you've come to the realization---begin to do that which you love or find some solution to the problem you're worrying about. Ask your wife, husband, family--(mum, sister, dad, brothers), friend or neighbor to help you and be willing to help them too when they need you----it makes life so much less stressful and more fun. But don't just sit at your computer or in your bed whining and wiping. Get out and intrigue yourself in nature---outdoor.  spend time with a loved one someone or loved pet......don't worry about what it is supposed to be, understand what it is now and let it thrive.

Limit or ban toxic relationships from invading your personal life: It's okay, to say no, i will not let you stress me out, please leave my home. When having to talk with or see a friend or family drives you nuts--over the edge, tell yourself, 'I control my reaction and i will not allow this person you're to me to make me miserable. Remember misery likes company, so do what's good for you and those who love you, leave the job and people who make you miserable. Been aware of your feelings and learning to turn it into your own light by consciously making yourself to refocus your mind on what feels great, can be healing and freeing. Don't let those who don't love or know you enough burn you out. The people who are determined to make you miserable aren't going to change over night and it's not healthy to let them control you, so take back your strength---stand up for yourself by listening to the voice within. Love you and see them as a challenge that has no weight. You can overcome---find peace by smiling and shutting them out from your personal space. Conserve your energy by learning how not to engage with the trolls of harm.

If you don't know who to turn to for guidance ---go Read: Gift of fear by Gavin De Becker;  Read self help book by Susan Forward; Go to Freedomain radio if you need real solution; read A new Earth by Eckhart Tolle; Normal gets you Nowhere by Kelly Cutrone.

Don't hide in guilt or shame, confront the toxic relationship and de-clutter. Repair your relationships, don't abandon it to rot. Add some feng shui to your home by using more natural color decors and incorporating natural colors, this helps create a less aggressive feel in your environment, thereby making you feel better.

If you begin to feel cloudy, can't think straight & stressed, begin to disconnect from the negative by listening to easy feel music like classical, Celtic music, songs in other languages or Bob Marley.  Develop your own spiritual stress release and healing outlet, Take a day off to disengage from your computer, phone and the need to do. Be lazy, have fun and relax. Doing this will help you become more productive down the road. Periodically, not tending to your responsibilities is completely essential for your happy in the long run.
Have some dessert...........Think before you dump it on others.

Wear colors that helps you stay calm or colors that reminds you to keep calm. green, red and yellow mix helps. Jade green or dark neon green is great color for anyone seeking to escape into peace. I would grow green herbs like chocolate mint, peppermint, basil, rosemary, lavender and more to help ease your environment and mind. When i feel anxiety or fear, i go outdoors, pluck some mints from my patio garden, and i eat it to relax----works like magic on stressed mind. 

Oh dear, learn to Live and let live ! Go light like feather, taste the marshmallow life as it melts away--savor the moments, Listen to your intuition when it's telling you to disengage and reconnect. Do right, Work & do no harm, and stay blessed.


Healthy vegetarian meat versus Harmful vegetarian meat. Tofurky is healthy and Boca is not !

Healthy vegetarian meat versus Harmful vegetarian meat. Tofurky is healthy and Boca is not !

Toxic Ingredient video

Toxic Ingredient video
Many things have physical and chemical property. All chemicals aren't toxic but all toxic chemicals should be avoided completely or used safely. Nontoxic based chemicals are better for your health and environment in the short and long haul during your life time and for the generation next. Click on image to see the video on toxic ingredient and what they can do to your health.