Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nontoxic de-frosting solution for your car

During this times of the year if you live in Texas, some days like today, you may wake up in the morning with sunshine and soon before its dawn, its windy and chilly...like a normal harmattan just setting the mood for a night fog.  Then you go to bed and suddenly, you wake up to a car covered in rain and ice. Ice stuck so hard to the grass, windows and windshields of your car. Using a simple scraping tool to get rid of the ice may be the way to go but who wants to stand in the freezing weather scraping off every bit of hard ice from the windshield before driving off to work expecially when you're trying to beat the traffic. Now if you live in Canada or in snow falling region, you wouldn't just pour room temperature water on your car to get rid of the ice; heavens forbid, if you crack your windshield glass while pouring that luke water on your car. I wouldn't do that if i were you but i do recommend two things i found to be very helpful in defrosting ice on a car.

  1. Try using rubbing alcohol mixed with cold water (mix equal part---in the ratio of three part rubbing alcohol to one part chilly cold water). Test it on a small part of your car before spraying it all over your car windshield glass.
  2. You could also try using a little vinegar mixed with water to de-ice an ice frost but if you are using it on a car, i do recommend you dilute it very well and avoid spraying it on the car finish----(painted parts). Only use on windshield glass.

Other things you coud use to de-ice or de-frost car are: 

  • Turn on your car heat button to help defrost your car while you scrap down using an ice scraper like this one.

  • You could also try using salt diluted in chilly cool water to spray on the car windshield glass but avoid spraying it on the car itself because salt can eat through metal and cause a rust. Keep an umbrella, thermal wear or a warm jacket to stay warm.

 Author: Onyinye A is a freelance writer who specializes in nontoxic self improvement, green-friendly living, whole health remedies, holistic pet care, nontoxic lifestyle (preventing cancer, illness and toxicity) and everything related to detox, Natural health and organic living
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