Friday, August 8, 2014

White rice taste so good but is it healthy.

 White rice is rice that has been processed and stripped of its nutrients. White rice like most refined food has a bad reputation in the press but white rice is a staple food for the people of Asia---Mediterranean , Africa, North and south America, U.k, Sahara desert....and for most
White rice has saved many lives during famine and it does actually taste good when cooked well with a side dish. And yes truly white rice taste really good but have you wondered how nutritious it is or maybe if it's actually good for your health.  Emhmm, well let me tell you a little about what i learned. 

I learned that white rice last longer than brown rice when stored but it white rice lacks nutrients essentially found in rice because it has been processed. Rice is a good choice for those who have food allergies because its low in allergen and it's good choice for some people trying to avoid gluten or wheat products.  white rice is great if you need quick energy boost because it is high in carbohydrate and can be easily digested by the body. 

How come is it that Asians and Africans eat so much rice but still maintain healthy looking physique ?----it is because white rice contains some protein that is good for building lean muscle mass and can be useful for vegans/vegetarians who are trying to build their physique. Manganese in brown rice helps boost the immune system. The thiamine content in white rice is important for cognitive balance. White rice is a good choice for those with high blood pressure and kidney problems because of it is low in sodium. White rice has mild diuretic properties and serves as a digestive aid and brown rice has natural anti-inflammatory properties.  Brown rice has more fiber & nutrient content than white rice. Therefore, white rice is more ideal for those suffering diarrhea, colitis, gastrointestinal distress. 

However, any rice diet lacking balance will make you unhealthy, sluggish and less pro-active. So it is recommended that you just don't eat plain white rice without other sides like vegetables or seafood to help supplement the missing minerals and vitamins. White rice is considered a

high glycemic index food or fast carb. This means it is rapidly broken down into sugar in the body. This can contribute to insulin resistance, glucose spikes after eating white rice and it will make you more hungry, you will gain weight cos you crave more calories to compensate the hunger cravings. Healthcare provider like dietitians do not recommend you eat white rice too often in a week because it can increase your risk for type 2 diabetes. It is recommended that you eat Brown rice because it has lower glycemic index and actually decreases the risk of diabetes for those who ate two servings per week.

I wrote this article to clear the air, in regards to your question regarding if white rice is better than brown rice. I hope you make a change and begin to make healthier eating choices. "Remember is not about been skinny, it is about been healthy from inside out.

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