Monday, May 17, 2010

Warning- Wormwood for Pets

Wormwood is a powerful and very effective herb. it gets rid of parasite in animals. It can be used as a de-worm for pets.
First you boil it like you would boil a tea, then you take 1or 2 table spoon and add it to a big bowl of water. Continue this for about 3-4 days, you will notice that your pet poops the worms out but you must exercise caution, do not give more than 2spoons because it's toxic to pets at high dose(may be fatal). Don't forget to keep their litter box and environment clean and free from flea, tick and mites.In severe cases or emergency situation please take your pet to the vet.
DE dust/fossil shell flour also known as Diatomaceous earth is a safe de-wormer for your pet and also great detox and body nurturing for you.The digestive system of animals, much like with humans, is host to a wide variety of intestinal flora that play a vital role in the process of digestion. Generally, beneficial microorganisms coexist in larger numbers than pathogenic agents but this balance can be disrupted, particularly when the immune defenses of pets are compromised.
Cats and dogs are likewise vulnerable to bacterial or fungal parasites, where unsanitary living conditions and contaminated food or water become the stimulus to infections. Veterinary Dewormers have always been the prescribed treatment. But in the age of holistic pet health care, herbal remedies are now increasingly looked upon as a healthier alternative and it's cost effective for homes with multiple cat household.
To get rid of fleas brush your cats, pure apple cider vinegar is highly effective for running fleas off-caution, if cat/kitten has an open wound, it may cause a painful sting.  you can wash pet coat with lemongrass pet shampoo, however most cats dislike water so i recommend putting some Diatomaceous Earth in mild warm water and using a towel you can damp it on their coat. your pet will dislike the feel of water on its coat but this is so much easier than struggling in the tub just for a flea killing bath. Also you can use lemongrass, lavender herb or oil for flea control.

Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthum). The name says it all and Wormwood is in fact a tried and tested component of many medicinal formulas intended to deworm animals. The bio-active compounds at work in the herb's extracts convey a collective antimicrobial, antihelminitic and antiseptic action that eradicate parasitic worms in the gut, including ringworm and roundworm, and consequently flush them out of the system.To further support the digestive process, Wormwood helps sustain healthy levels of gastrointestinal juices and stimulates metabolism. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that effectively promote immune system health. 
  • Caution: Although wormwood is very effective in killing parasitic worms however, do not use wormwood on a cat with weakened immune system, may be too weak to handle the strength of this herb. Also remember big bowl of water for 2spoons or 1teaspoon in food. please exercise caution, if in doubt use food grade diatomaceous earth  which is much safer, to avoid a fatal situation. only use twice in 2months
  • Pet Herbal Supplement may also help boost pet immune. 
  •  Sustain your pet's health with nutritious diets, through regular exercise and holistic treatments whenever diseases arise. Holistic/ alternative remedies is much reliable way to maintaining your pets health.
Author: Onyinye A

    For more on the Benefits of Fossil shell flour/DE dust click here


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