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Vinegar helps to prevent colon cancer

According to the National cancer Institute, "As of January 2001, its estimated that there are 9.8 million cancer survivors living in the united states" and many others in Canada. There's hope through improved therapies and cancer targeted nutrition. Improved therapies has increased the number of people living beyond cancer.
There are many other things we can do to prevent and treat cancer.

Vinegar for Cancer:
Apple cider vinegar is made out of fresh and ripe quality apples, which are fermented and passed through a rigorous process to turn it into the final vinegar product. Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural remedy that heals and protects the human body.

Apple cider vinegar can help to get rid of cancerous growth: “Apple cider vinegar is not known to cure cancer. But, it may aid in fighting the free radicals that have the potential to form cancerous growth. The beta-carotene content acts as an antioxidant and effectively neutralizes the free radicals –free radicals are harmful bodies that could cause major damage to blood cells and body tissues” formed due to oxidation.

There many other health benefits of apple cider vinegar: It helps in weight loss, body metabolism, arthritis, detoxification, cholesterol level, diabetes, diarrhea, depression, asthma and to fight free radicals causing cancer, Relief from asthma, relieves nausea, skincare- (it will make your skin have glow from inside),hair care, and Pet care.
If you can tolerate the taste of apple cider vinegar, add it to your water and food moderately- you’ll see a difference. Go lite on vinegar too much of anything is not advised.

Vinegar Recipe:
You'll need water, honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger, cinnamon.
Begin by boiling some water
Grind ginger put it into the boiled water, then pour this into a teacup
Add 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
Add honey to sweeten if the vinegar taste is unbearable
Finally add pure powdered Cinnamon for flavor.
Optional: if you like you can add Tumeric instead of cinnamon
Note:1 tablespoon of each ingredient for one cup of water)
Sip slowly while it's warm-recipe created by Onyinye A

Also it's a smart choice to include as much antioxidant as possible to your diet such as garlic-(has antioxidant, antibacterial, fungal and antiviral properties), turmeric, olive oil, fruits high in vitamin C, dark color vegetables, Cruciferous Vegetables – Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels, sprouts, kale, spinach, soy, red wine, green tea, tomatoes, blueberries, flax seedmushroom, Nuts such as walnut, pecans etc, fibers from whole grains such as Quinoa, oat, millet, Barley, brown rice, Bulgar wheat, buckwheat flour, Rye, Amaranth, Maize, muesli cereal etc- These contain a variety of anti-cancer compounds including antioxidants, fiber, and phyto-estrogens.  These can help decrease the risk of developing most types of cancer.

Note that: Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables contains Sulforaphane. Sulforaphane helps boost production of the body's phase 2 enzymes that cart off dangerous residues of pro-carcinogens, those cancer causing precursors capable of damaging cellular DNA so therefore it is wise to include these cruciferous vegetables in your diet, especially if you have any trace of cancer in your family.

B17 supplement and Vitamin C helps as an antioxidant to prevent free radical and repair damaged tissues. B17 and Hemp has anti-cancer components that can help cancer patients but they have been made illegal by the government against their outweighing medical benefits as a cancer treatment instead they use chemotherapy to relieve symptoms. You're not been told by the prescribing Dr that chemotherapy is not helping you because the pharmaceutical companies are in with the hospitals they work for; cancer to cure cancer what kind of treatment is that? Talk to your doctor and get advice from an Alternative medical doctor (ND) before you decide on chemotherapy.

Avoid animal fat such as red meat, animal products like cow milk. Some fish are known to contain growth hormones, pesticide residues, mercury. Avoid food additive like artificial flavor or "unknown natural flavor, processed foods, high fat fast food, avoid toxic chemicals found in most cosmetics & cleaning products. Go nontoxic/organic as much as you can!

Find Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

This article is a recommendation, it's not a diagnosis or cure.

Author: Onyinye A is a freelance writer who specializes in nontoxic self improvement, green-friendly living, whole health remedies, holistic pet care, nontoxic lifestyle (preventing cancer, illness and toxicity) and everything related to detox, Natural health and organic living
                                                                     "Nontoxic Lifestyle"


Alkaline Foods List said...

Actually there are lots of benefits from vinegar and not just for cancer.

Anonymous said...

I use acv, honey, cumin, cinnamon, lemon juice, honey and honey for my arthritis and general health and it works alright.

Reishi Mushroom said...

Vinegar is one of the useful supplement which works to prevent various diseases not only for cancer. It is good for our health.

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