Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why Fake/Acrylic nails

Let me tell you a quick story, I had an Aunty who enjoys looking good like Fran Drescher in the Tv show "the nanny named fran" and like the ladies in pretty woman (favorite comedy). She always had her nails done, hair done, beautiful and that is what most women want each individual, her own taste. My Aunty had a taste for acrylic nails, it looked pretty but one day she was wearing a long red polished acrylic toe nail while climbing the stairs she mistakenly stepped on the wrong side of the door, as she pulls away from the door so did her toe nail, the nail lifted off her nail bed, it was the first time I saw that happen, it was bloody gruesome, too sad to see her pretty nails destroyed. So it’s wise to have a grasp of the pros and cons of what you do with your nails and how long is safe.
It remains a mystery to me why many women wear on toxic nails. Now tell me if these disorders associated with acrylic nail treatment such as horizontal (grooves that develop at the beginning of the nail bed close to the cuticle, the greening or yellowing of the natural nail, thinning of nails, is worth your hard earned money- what is the value? Is what we ought to ask, Are your nail product ingredient safe and healthy. Is it really fashionable?

Drill techniques equipment are used by manicurist to buff out the acrylic nail or to roughen up the natural nail surface to create better adhesion to the fake nail. This nail equipment is used to speed up the process because using emery board is time consuming. However, it is best to use an emery board on the nail but this is usually not what is used by the manicurist in the salon.
Thinning of the nail occurs when the acrylic nail are removed once the nail is weakened and damaged from acrylic application there’s nothing you can do to fix the damage but only give it time to renew itself is all you can do and that is if you prevent more damage from occurring by not applying acrylic and toxic ingredients to your hands.
Applying acrylic nails on top of your natural nail can cause nail damage. If lifted accidentally from your nail bed it can cause separation of nails from the nail bed allowing bacteria and fungus to enter the area causing infections like onyolysis because these nail harbor bacteria and fungus; and that is the reason why most hospital and food companies do not allow acrylic artificial nails; to prevent the spread of infection. The chemicals and file procedure used when applying Acrylic nail makes finger nail turn yellowish or greenish-yellow.
Avoid wearing this kind of nail when caring for an infant/baby.
Inflammation may occur as an allergic reaction to chemicals in the nail product or from acrylic materials. 
Another painful problem is only chotysis (separation nail bed) acrylic nails look more colorful: here you have it- According to Dr Draelos” the adhesion between the artificial nail and the natural plate is stronger than the adhesion between the natural nail plate and the nail bed”. It can cause your real nail to pop out if the artificial nail is glued too strong plus the glue used is not healthy for your nails. If you have nail inflammation or yellow green black color on your nails that is not going away see your physician.
Nail strengthener won’t help nail grow but can keep it from chipping off, don't be fooled by nail products containing formaldehyde and toluene no matter how healthy the label looks because it gives nail an inferior hard and will damage your nail in the long run. It is  harmful and could make the nail brittle. Formaldehyde may be labeled under other toluene, toluene sulfonamide, toluene, sulfonic acid.
Note: Toluene is illegal in the state of California due to the health risk it pose-cancer and respiratory problem.

Acrylic nail-nail toxin video



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