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How to use coffee or wheatgrass enema for detox.

A healthy colon and liver, is important for the health of all the organs and tissues of the body. When toxic waste accumulates in the colon and liver, and then circulate throughout the body via the blood stream, health problems could arise. To prevent this accumulation in the blood stream, you can use two kinds of enema to cleanse the body---the retention enema and the cleansing enema. Retention enemas, also known as suppositories or implants, are held in the body for about fifteen minutes, to help cleanse impurities from the liver and colon. You can use coffee or one ounce of fresh wheat-grass enema added to one cup of warm water during serious illness like cancer, migraine headache or after exposure to toxic chemical. Wheat grass contains nearly all the nutrients and enzymes the body needs for healing. Sweet wheat is also a good alternative if you cannot find wheat grass. 

To make the coffee enema solution, place 2 quarts of steam distilled water in a pot and add 6 tablespoons of ground coffee (do not use instant or decaffeinated). Boil the mixture, and strain. Use only 1 pint of strained coffee at a time, and refrigerate the reminder in a closed jar. Place 1 pint of the enema solution in an enema bag. Do not use petroleum jelly to lubricate the tip of the enema bag. Instead, use vitamin E oil (buy it in oil form or pierce the end of a vitamin E capsule and squeeze the liquid onto the tip). The liquid will both ease insertion and have a healing effect on the anus and the lining of the colon, if these areas are inflamed. AloeVera gel may also be used for this purpose. The best position to assume when receiving the enema is “head down and rear up”. After the liquid has been inserted, roll onto your right side and hold the solution in your body for fifteen minutes before allowing the fluid to be expelled. Do not roll from side to side. Do not be concerned if the liquid is not expelled after fifteen minutes. Simply stand up and move around as usual until you feel the urge to expel the liquid. Coffee does not go through the digestive system and does not affect the body as a coffee beverage does. However, remember not to abuse coffee enemas by using them too often. Use them only once daily while following a program for a specific disorder, unless you are being treated for cancer. People with cancer may need up to three enemas a day.  You can try alternating between the coffee and wheat grass enema on different days. Keep in mind, that excessive use of coffee enemas over six months or more may deplete the body’s stores of iron, as well as other minerals and vitamins, causing anemia. Do not use coffee enemas for longer than four to six weeks at a time.

Caution: Use steam-distilled water, not tap water. This is especially important for retention enemas---you do not want to absorb any chemicals from the tap water.

To kill unwanted bacteria in the colon or for any type of colon disorder, including diarrhea and constipation; add 5 drops of Aerobic 07 from Aerobic Life Industries to the enema solution.
If you have any serious illness like cancer, it is advised that you add B-complex supplement or probiotics to the enema solution; this will help balance lost nutrients, rebuild the liver and provide an extra boost of energy. To cleanse the blood and the liver, you can add burdock root and milk thistle extract to the enema solution.

Revised from prescription for nutrition by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC. Do not reprint, this is for educational purpose only.


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Merci d'avoir choisi d' être en bonne santé
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